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  • Dec27Sun

    Wisdom for the coming New Year

    December 27, 2020


    Did you see it?   Did you see the astronomical phenomenon on December 21st of Jupiter and Saturn aligning together, the “Great conjunction?!”   The two planets came so close together that they formed a great light in the sky - appeared as “one brilliant star!”

    This great astronomical phenomenon hasn’t happened in 400 years and not at night in 800 years!   Did you see it?!

    I didn’t !?  I missed it!  I followed up seeing some great pictures on Facebook, but I missed seeing it with my own eyes!   How could I neglect to position myself to witness such a great event in my lifetime?!  - I don’t know!

    Maybe I got distracted from all the negative going on in our world, country and the life of the church?  I am not sure how or why I missed it but my mind was obviously on something else, and I missed it!

    There is a biblical account of Magi (astrologers) in the gospel of Matthew that had heard of and witnessed a similar astronomical phenomenon in their day that they did not want to miss.  These star “geeks” were not so much interested in the details of this astronomical phenomenon but in the one to whom this “star” would lead them to - the baby Jesus!  God incarnate.  God in the flesh who would come into our world, the one in which He created, to save humankind from their sins.

    The long prophesied Messiah -the Christ - God’s anointed one - the savior of the world!

    If you read the biblical account (Matthew 2) you will read they indeed were eyewitnesses of baby Jesus and they brought Him gifts fitting for a royal king!   Their presence and gifts were an act of worship to the savior of the world.  They recognized that Jesus was born to die for them!  They would not let anything distract them from knowing and following Jesus.

    As we head into a coming New Year, I pray that we not become so distracted by the things of this life that we miss Jesus!  We need biblical wisdom heading into the New Year!  And yes, wise men/women still follow and worship Jesus!  I pray for God’s blessings as we end 2020 and go fast forward into 2021.  The greatest blessing of all is recognizing Jesus for who He is - Savior and Lord!   He alone is worthy of our worship! 

    In Christ Alone,

    Pastor Rodney