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  • Feb5Fri

    What is Your Spiritual Pulse Rate?

    February 5, 2016


    As I continue to recover from the flu, I realize even more now the importance of taking care of my body (as much as lies within my power).  I realize that although I think I am in “reasonable” health, it takes a more extensive examination from the professionals, and it takes my active participation (e.g. annual physical, diet, exercise, etc.,…).  One reason I purchased a FitBit was so that I can better monitor my progress as I work to get in better shape.  You see, although I might think I am in better shape than I am, the FitBit doesn’t lie.  As painful as it is, I desire an “honest” assessment of where I currently am so that I can move forward.  The church of God (every blood washed one) is suppose to be on the move for God!   We say we are, but so did the church in Sardis.  Jesus gave the church in Sardis an honest assessment.  He said that although they had a “name” and a reputation of being alive - they were dead!  Strong, painful words from Jesus.  You see, Jesus gives them an honest assessment so that they can be active participants in restoring their spiritual vitality!   Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us continue to examine ourselves this New Year by inviting the Great Physician (Jesus) to take our “Spiritual Pulse Rate.”  There is too much at stake to be deceived.

    “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” - JESUS 

    In His Service,

    Pastor Rod