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  • Apr20Fri

    The Real Race!

    April 20, 2018
    “Looking Unto Jesus”   For many years I aspired to be a world class runner(more of a fantasy than a realistic goal).  I did all the research though, read all the books and applied the training.  I was disciplined in my training, diet, sleep and habits.  I looked to many of the great runners of my time as inspiration: Gary Romesser (IN); Tim Mylin (IN); Steve Prefontaine (Oregon); Bob Kennedy (Indiana); Bill Rogers (Boston), to name just a few.  Although I set many personal records (Qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon), I never reached my goal as a runner.  As a Christ follower, I look back and glean from my competitive running days and realize there are spiritual applications to my journey with Christ.  The Bible says, “…let us lay aside every weight…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus…the joy set before Him endured…”  (cf.Hebrews 12)  I began this spiritual race through the new birth found in Jesus Christ.  And I am to get rid of anything that hinders my progress as a Christ follower.  I am to exercise spiritual disciplines (prayer, reading God’s word, coming together with other believers to worship - applying God’s word to my life…etc..), not for salvations sake, but for maturity (perfection) sake.  And I look to Jesus as my Inspiration, my example to follow!  My reward? - peace, joy, contentment - and an eternity in Heaven someday with Jesus and ALL the redeemed - past, present and future!  Of all the things we may aspire to do, of all the people we may aspire to be like, the most important thing to be is a Christ follower.  He is the one we are to pattern our life after!   “Let us RUN…looking to Jesus!” -because the real race - is the journey of Faith!
    In His Service,
    Pastor Rodney