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  • Jan17Sun

    The Nature and Activity of God

    January 17, 2021


    2020, what a year!?  Our lives have been turned upside down.  The world, our country and the church at large have been and continues to go through much change.  We have had a year of: fires; floods; droughts; riots; violence; killings; political unrest and uncertainty; Covid 19 pandemic just to list a few!   2021 started with my wife and myself testing positive with covid, we both had severe symptoms, but by the grace of God managed at home and stayed out of the hospital.  I know many were not as fortunate as us.

    Where is God in all of this?  Has He turned a blind eye, deaf ear to what is going on?!  Has He given up on mankind (male/female)?!

    Your answer to that depends on your understanding of the God of the Bible.  If we learnt anything in 2020 it should be: 1. Don’t rest your hope/faith in a political party (man or woman).  2.  The church must call people to a relationship with Jesus and get focused on the mission!

    We need to think rightly about God.  We are very emotional and “feely” people.  But biblical faith is not grounded on emotion and feelings, but on sound doctrine -sound Christian theology!

    God has not called all of us to be theologians (myself included) but He has called us to be students of His word!

    It at starts with God - His nature and activity with mankind (male/female).

    God comes to where we are and calls us to faith in Jesus Christ.  Theology is not just merely an object of study, but response to call of God in Christ, power of the Holy Spirit to bring about change in our world and conform to the will of God for our lives!

    The late Gilbert Stafford put it this way, “If we are willing, God indwells us, empowering us to be and do what we are called to be and do!”

    Yes, by God’s very nature He is still actively involved with mankind and always will be - present, future and in eternity!

    “Essential theology for troubling times!”

    In Christ Alone,

    Pastor Rodney