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  • Sep14Fri

    Jesus said - you ARE the salt

    September 14, 2018


    Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth.”  To whom is this addressed?  His disciples (Christ followers) - past, present and future.   Salt in many cultures was a valuable commodity.  The word “salary” actually comes from an ancient word “salt-money” referring to a soldier’s (Roman) allowance for the purchase of salt - this is where we get the term “worth his salt” when we say someone earns his/her pay.  In many Arab cultures, if two men partake of salt together they are sworn (even if enemies) to protect one another (salt covenant).  Salt was also used as a legally binding agreement.   Salt has always been known for its preservative properties (especially before refrigeration) and to bring out flavor.  So what is Jesus saying to you and me when He says we ARE the salt of the earth?

    I’m not, nor claim to be a theologian, but I think Jesus is saying we have value in this world and we ARE the preserving influence.  We are different, and make a difference - the very characteristic of saltness proclaims a difference.  The very presence of a Christian (Christ follower) should have an effect, make a difference - acting as salt in this fallen world and within our own sphere of influence. 

    Let us each one examine ourselves by the continued Grace of God by this simple, but important proposition of Jesus - you ARE the salt of the earth! 

    In His Service,

    Pastor Rodney