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  • Jun9Fri


    June 9, 2017


    Have you ever wondered why in the beginning God said, “It is not good that man should be alone” (cf. Genesis 2: 18)?   Since in the beginning, man had God, why would he need anything, or anyone else?    And, if, we have Christ - why do we need anyone else?  Because that is the way God made us.  He made us to be relational, not only with Him, but with others.  And not just in the context of husband and wife, but others.  Our creator has wired us to have friendships.  Never underestimate the value and the need of friends.   I’m not speaking of acquaintances, those people you know slightly, or went to school with or a Facebook friend (though your Facebook friend might actually be a friend), but a close friend.  A true friend, one that will labor along with you.  One that lifts you up when you are down.  One that brings you comfort when you see them.  One that makes you strong.  That person who likes you just the way you are, and loves you unconditionally, with no strings attached. That person who will speak the truth into your life, even if it hurts.  We need true friendships, and you need to be a true friend to someone too!   I love that song and lyrics by Michael W. Smith, “…friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them.  And a friend will not say never ‘cause the welcome will not end…a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends…”   I am really taken back too that Jesus, my Savior and Lord considers me a friend!  Don’t take my word, take His Word and read for yourself in the gospel of  John chapter 15.  Jesus wants to be your friend!  Do you consider Jesus your friend?   And are you cultivating those relationships around you to becoming a true friend to someone, and not just an acquaintance? 

    In His Service,

    Pastor Rodney