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Message:  Let me see Jesus only!
Text: Matthew 28: 1-7

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  • Oct14Wed

    Follow Me

    October 14, 2015


    “Follow Me”, words from Jesus.  This call was not just to the original twelve disciples, but for all people that answer the call of salvation - past, present and future!  What an honor to know that Jesus Himself has called us and chosen us - “You did not choose me, but I chose you…” (cf. John 15:16)

    What an honor and privilege too - to “be called children of God.” 

    (cf. 1 John 3:1)   With honor and privilege comes responsibility.  Jesus says to follow Him.  What does that look like to follow Him?  Means obedience.  As we follow Jesus, we see that our first act of obedience is baptism.  Baptism does not save, only Jesus saves, but He calls us publicly to identify with Him.  He says that if we are ashamed of Him before man that He will be ashamed of us when He comes back. (cf. Mark 8: 38)

    Jesus Himself was baptized, though He was sinless and in need of no repentance, but He set the example for us as we follow Him.           

    (cf. Matthew 3: 13- 16)   Are you following Jesus?  Have you been baptized?  If not, see your pastor and do so.    And remember, your identity is not in what you do or acquire or accomplish, but your identity is in Christ Jesus!   And symbolically you are identifying with His death, burial and resurrection to a new life through baptism! (cf. Romans 6: 1-4) 


    Pastor Rodney