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Message:  Let me see Jesus only!
Text: Matthew 28: 1-7

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  • May17Fri


    May 17, 2019


    God told Joshua to be “strong and courageous!”   Not only once, but three times within four verses!  Joshua had already been an eyewitness to the mighty hand of God through the previous leader Moses.   God had promised the land over the Jordan to His people and Joshua was going to lead them there, but as in times past, it was going to take strength and courage for His leader and His people to accomplish the mission!  Where was this strength and courage going to come from?   Certainly not their own - it would come via:

    1.  Remembering God’s faithfulness in the past.   2.  Meditating upon His  Word and promises.  And lastly, 3.  Obeying and applying His word as they journey forward.   I don’t know about you but sometimes I grow weary of being “strong and courageous!” - just being transparent here.   I’m sure Joshua was too, and this is preciously why God reminded him of the source of his strength and courage.    This goes for me and you as well.  It is preciously when we have no more strength and courage left to lean upon God and His Word - sola scriptura - latin for scripture alone.  God as in times past does His work through His people.  A people that continue to lean upon His Word for strength and courage to continue to move forward.  God’s Word is the infallible rule of faith and practice.   The Holy Spirit can only work through us as we apply God’s word to our life.   Tired of being strong and courageous?!   Then look to the source - His word!   He promises to never leave us nor forsake us.  He also promises to prosper us and give us good success (cf. Joshua 1: 6-9).   Not as the world gives (temporal), but as He gives (everlasting). 

    In His Service,

    Pastor Rodney